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You are an alien activity investigator and the last hope of the Earth.

The aliens have occupied a small uninhabited Pacific island, and are planning to use it as a base for the future invasion. Your mission is to avoid abduction and foil the aliens plans to invade the Earth.

All the other investigators, sent on this mission before you have been abducted, and are now considered "Missing In Action".

You have 5 missions to complete:

  1. Collect 10 alien eggs (daytime).
  2. Collect 10 alien eggs (rainy night).
  3. Use 4 alien teleports (daytime).
  4. Destroy 6 alien drones (night).
  5. Destroy the alien mothership (new in version 1.1).


  • Up, Down, Left, Right or W, A, S, D - move around.
  • Mouse move - look around.
  • 1 - Equip shields (default).
  • 2 - Equip disintegrator (weapon).
  • 3 - Equip cloaking device (new in version 1.8).
  • M - Place marker (new in version 1.6).
  • Esc - pause game/exit to Main Menu.
  • Right mouse button - use binoculars/scope.
  • Left mouse button - use shield / use cloaking device / fire disintegrator.
  • Space bar - jump/climb.

Gameplay tips:

  • The aliens, drones, power-ups and other pickup items locations are generated randomly, so the game will be different on each play-through.
  • Plan the encounters carefully - you need to recharge your shields or ammo by collecting a battery or ammo clip. Use binoculars or scope to see what awaits you from afar.
  • You can use only one piece of equipment (shields, disintegrator or cloaking device) at the same time, take this into consideration while planning your offensive and defensive tactics.
  • Alien drones are very dangerous adversaries - they are fast and will drain your health quicker, only fight them with your shields and disintegrator fully charged. Destroyed alien drone will sometimes drop an upgrade for your shields, increase your disintegrator capacity, or make you more resilient to the telepathic attacks. If not directly visible, the drones can be easily detected by the "humming" sound they make when they hover.
  • Disintegrator ammo and shield batteries can be found scattered across the island. You can see these items from afar - the ammo crates have an orange energy cloud above them, the shield batteries have a glowing plasma ball.
  • Check your health (green), shields (light-blue) indicators and ammo count on the top-left side of your screen in order to know your current state and plan the next encounter.
  • Your health will gradually restore itself when you stay out of alien telepathic attacks range for long enough. Also, your health will be restored faster, if you stand in one of the shallow ponds, scattered across the island.
  • While it is a good idea to focus on your primary objective, collecting alien eggs in any mission will be rewarded with a better score.
  • When you are low on health, you will gradually get paralyzed by the alien attacks and will move slower. Try to get out of the alien telepathic attacks range as quickly as possible in order to avoid the abduction.
  • If you are facing a steep hill slope and cannot reach a pickup item, you can repeatedly press space bar in order to "climb" it.
  • All in-game equipment and health upgrades are only valid for the mission currently being played, they will reset to the default values on the next mission.

Release notes:

  • Version 1.9.2 - Mission 5 bug fixes!
  • Version 1.9.1 - Now you have the mission statistics display when the game is paused!
  • Version 1.9 - Alien drones will now be patrolling the island, actively looking for you!
  • Version 1.8 - Now you can use experimental cloaking device! Press 3 on your keyboard in order to equip it, and left mouse button to activate/deactivate it. While cloaking device is activated, your shield energy will be gradually drained, so don't forget to replenish it! You will be completely invisible to the aliens and their drones. Ideal for snatching those eggs or making a quick escape!
  • Version 1.7 - Now your health will be restored faster, if you stand in one of the shallow ponds, scattered across the island! Also a special bonus 1000 points will be added to your final score, if you manage to finish the game without being abducted.
  • Version 1.6.1 - Bugfixes and an enhancement - now you won't pick up ammo packs or shields if you already have maximum ammo or fully charged shield battery!
  • Version 1.6 - Visual and functional improvements and a new ability - custom marker! Press "M" anywhere in the game and a custom on-screen marker will be placed on your current location. This can be useful if you want to visit this location later. Only one custom marker can be placed at a time.
  • Version 1.5 - Visual and functional improvements and a new rank - Superhuman, beat the game with more than 15000 points in order to achieve it!
  • Version 1.4.1 - major bug fixed in Mission 5 boss fight!
  • Version 1.4 - now you have an objective marker, which will always lead you to your nearest objective - whether it is a pickup item or an enemy to be destroyed!
  • Since version 1.3 some aliens will drop upgrades when disintegrated - kinetic (speed), bio (health) or energy (shield) cells. Pick up three of the same kind and receive an instant increase of your speed (for 30 seconds), double your health or shields!
  • Since version 1.3 the visuals have been greatly improved - enjoy more realistic reflective water, flashlight cookie effect, your character movement sound and "blurred vision" effect when you are low on health.
  • New! Since version 1.2 you can call an air support! You just need to find the radio beacon (laptop) left by an abducted explorer. It constantly emits SOS signal in a Morse code (it is easier to find when using headphones). When air strike is in progress, a fighter jet will destroy the alien drone, which is nearest to your current location. You will still receive the points, and can pick up the upgrade, dropped by the destroyed drone.
  • New! Since version 1.1 the Mission 5 (unlockable) is added. It will be unlocked if you manage to find and use the four alien teleports during the Mission 4. You have to hit the mothership several times with your disintegrator charges in order to destroy it.
  • New! Since version 1.1 teleports now make a sound, so they are easier to find, especially if you are using headphones (just follow the direction the mysterious rattle sound comes from).


  • Collected alien egg - 100 points.
  • Disintegrated an alien - 200 points.
  • Used a teleport - 300 points.
  • Destroyed alien drone - 500 points.
  • Destroyed alien mothership (Mission 5 only) - 1000 points.
  • Finished the game without being abducted - 1000 points (since version 1.7).

Please note: when you finish the game, your final rank will depend on your total score from all the missions.

Developed by: Kiril Plyasunov



Free assets from the Unity Asset Store and royalty-free sounds and music have been used during the making of this game.


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